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The New Club Website

Was almost ready to go live.

There have been plans afoot to build a new website including a Mobile Phone app for some time. 

We have been informed that the site is now built and tested, just needing the Committee final approval and / or adjustments before being thrust upon you poor unsuspecting souls (There are some adjustments to make with images, sizes and links),  

All the Club emails and contact details will remain the same for the forseeable future.


The Forum will stay as it is for the time being and a new Shop will be added shortly and everything hosted in the same place as the new Website.


We will post a notice everywhere once the site goes live, any comments or ideas will be welcome.


*****  Of course the Current Covid-19 situation has thrown everything in to neutral gear, we are still workingon things in the background and will hopefully have good news before too long..  *****


Thankyou for your patience.. 



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