H2B/C oil feed caution

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H2B/C oil feed caution

Postby Collyolly » Thu Nov 07, 2019 11:41 am

I have just finished putting my H2B back together after a full engine rebuild, I had already primed the oil lines with a pump oil can filled with 2 stroke oil.
Engine started second kick, (Pingle fuel tap fitted so carbs were ready to go) I can't describe the buzz that gave !
Engine was only timed on the basic setting to I just blipped it to 4000 and it all seemed good.
Next job was to bleed out the air bubbles in the crank feed line so as advised I turned the oil pump quadrant to full on and sure enough the small remaining bubbles were easily pushed through.
Very quickly the engine sounded as if it were running out of fuel, I checked my inline fuel filters, all looked clean so I then put another couple of litres of fuel in the tank thinking that there was not enough to gravity feed the carbs.
She started easily but would not Rev above idle, seemed strange that all 3 carbs could have a sudden blockage.
First thought was water in the fuel so next job was to remove a carb and have a look inside.
On removing the float bowl the problem became obvious the bottom of the chamber was full of oil, probably a couple of cc's and I think enough to cover the inlet to the main jet. The neat oil being thicker than petrol was preventing the engine from pulling up fuel and hence the lack of above tickover performance. All 3 carbs had the same problem
So please be aware of this potential problem if you are bleeding your oil lines as once in the carbs this neat oil can only be removed by removing the float bowls, you will not be able to pull it out by running your engine.
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