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Northern Rally 2013

Possibly the last Rally at MFNs was another resounding success..

Many thanks to Malc, Lee, family and Staff for another great event.

When we arrived on the Friday the BBC were hogging the bar area filming a new drama series "Truckers" airing sometime in the Autumn, we look forward to seeing it, as a small token for the inconvenience, Malc had arranged some beer and food erm.. tokens for the Friday arrivals.  

The weather for Friday held no promises at all but many turned up to pitch anyway, once the Beeb had cleared off, a good nights drinking and talking bollocks ensued before bed.  at around 5:00am there was the unmistakeable sound of a Triple with Spannies leaving..?

There was plenty of interest in the Saturday Rideout after breakfast as more people appeared along with some welcome sunshine and the temperature was soaring by leaving time.

Thanks go to Gary557 for planning the grand tour of Derbyshire for the group of over 50 Triples and a couple of modern diesels, the pre ride fill up at Morrisons put the staff on the back foot but everyone got away untroubled..  First stop was at Clay Cross Kawasaki, the descendant of the original shop from the seventies, the staff had arranged more free food and drink and were very friendly and helpful.

The ride out continued into the hills for some spectacular scenery and the ever popular Matlock bath stop on the way back..

Back to MFN for the judging, as usual hundreds of fabulous machines made it a daunting task for the judges.

Later, a trip out to RBs local curry parlour provided a surprise breakdown as RB himself on his favourite H2c came to a halt on the A610, luckily it was hastily shoved into the backup van and an excellent curry followed unperturbed.

Back to MFN again and the prizes were handed out to the lucky few with the most deserving bikes with the usual hilarity and then.. Music!

The band made a good show of all our favourites and then some..

Afterwards the usual talking bollocks until the wee small hours during which, the Horse did it's rounds visiting several tents and vans, it was funny to see a horse walking round the site unaided since all the carriers wore black shirts and were invisible in the gloom.

Inevitably to bed and listen to the late night shenanigans through the canvas.. before you know it, it's light again and before 11:00am many long distance visitors had already scarpered,.. and so it's all over again. bye bye MFN we wish you all the best whatever path you choose..yes

Cover image By Bertrand.


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