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North West Rally 2013

The Coastriders Cafe near Blackpool provided a great venue for the third time but now it's all over again for another year.

The weather forecast foretold of an awful weekend and it didn't look hopeful for keeping dry.

The ride across those pennines on the Friday was dry but cold, just short of Blackpool it was overcast again and spots appeared on the helmet visor with just a few miles left. However it held off and an evening ride out was the only real chance to take to the road en masse, a ride up to the old TVR factory providing a chance to eat before adding the Alcohol.

The evening back at the bar was the usual getting pissed and talking bollocks, there were quite a few new faces, although some well known as Forum names, to meet and get to know.

Early Saturday there was still much snoring, until breakfast at the on site Cafe roused many of the thick heads, the weather just got greyer through the morning then the rain came for several hours and the already scant interest totally waned for a ride out.

People still wandered around almost oblivious to the rain and eventually bikes were lined up to do some judging, late in the afternoon however, it had dried enough for some hardy souls to take to the road.

The evening in the bar had a young and enthusiastic but rather loud band, the prizes had been handed out beforehand, there was a raffle in the  musical interlude and then the volume was turned up for the second spot..

Quite a few vacated the premises, some of us resorted to earplugs.

The band eventually wore themselves out and finished then there was a chance to talk some more bollocks and complete the drinking that had started for some at dinnertime..

It was very late (early) when most got to their beds and some tents were still partying until very early doors..

More thick heads on the Sunday and it was dry again but still very overcast. After a breakfast the packing up had started when suddenly the sun appeared and the temperature instantly soared.

The ride back over those hills was nice and bright with the sun appearing at various times, the roads were pretty quiet and before you know it, it's all over for another year.

Just goes to prove that Rallies are all about catching up with yer mates and sod the weather, see you next time guys.


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