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Rick Brett (Forum name = El Presidente)


970 120000

Founder of the Kawasaki Triples Club back in 1980.  Currently active with restoration work and the supply of triples parts and bikes. Nowadays has very little spare time to devote to club work.

Vice President and Editor

Malcolm Anderson (Forum name = Malc87)


976 296281

Membership Secretary

Tony Davenport (Forum name = Tony_d123)


538 195212

Events Secretary

Nick Patience (Forum name = Nick64)


902 378859


James Wightman Smith (Forum name = Mitsui Spy)


855 930051

Club Shop, Merchandise & Regalia

Mark Speight (Forum name = Tangoman)


799 714358

Web and Forum Admin

Graham Denton (Forum name = Wolfie)

966 392701

Web Master

Peter Thornton (Forum name = Posh Pete)


721 533606


1. SCOTLAND, Leslie Alexander (Forum name "Quivals189")

Email: scotland@kawasakіtrі   767 852207

2. NORTH EAST, Durham, Tyne & Wear & Northumberland, Malcolm Ince (Forum name "Malcolm")

Email: n.east@kawasakіtrі   966 619658

3. YORKSHIRE, Humberside & North Lincs, Graham Denton (Forum name "Wolfie")

Email: yorkshire@kawasakіtrі   966 392701

4. NORTH WEST, Lancashire, Cumbria, Merseyside, Greater Manchester & Cheshire, Simon Lister (Forum name "G6MOW")

Email: n.west@kawasakіtrі   798 884939

5. NORTHERN IRELAND, Roger Hamer (Forum name "Olde Coney")

Email: n.ireland@kawasakіtrі   878 521443

6. NORTH WALES, North Powys, Clwyd, Gwynedd & Anglesey, Pete Webb (Forum name "30yrs-on")

Email:іtrі   732 372559

7. SOUTH WALES, South Powys, Dyfed, Glamorgan, Gwent, Hereford & Worcester & Gloucestershire, Danny Capaldi (Forum name "DanDare")

Email:іtrі   778 645116

8. EAST & WEST MIDLANDS, Staffs, Derbyshire, Notts, Leicestershire, Shropshire, Northants, Alison Harvey (Forum name "Sweet Angel")

Email: midlands@kawasakіtrі   483 117516

9. HERTFORDSHIRE, Bedfordshire & North Bucks, Andrew Samways (Forum name "Sam")

Email: herts@kawasakіtrі   885 767274

10. EAST ANGLIA, Suffolk, Norfolk, Cambridgeshire & South Lincs, Nigel Searby (Forum name "Nigel S")

Email: e.anglia@kawasakіtrі   597 555677

11. ESSEX, Jeff Watts (Forum name "Turkish")

Email: essex@kawasakіtrі   813 179314

12. SOUTH EAST, Kent & Sussex, Georgina Hart (Forum name "GinaG")

Email: s.east@kawasakіtrі   875 738204

13. LONDON & Surrounding  Counties, West London, Surrey, South Bucks, Berkshire & Oxfordshire, Roger Ramm (Forum name "666Rog")

Email: london@kawasakіtrі   984 716818

14. HAMPSHIRE, South Coast, Hampshire, Wiltshire, Dorset & Isle of Wight, Kerry Phillips (Forum name "Kezsam1")

Email: hampshire@kawasakіtrі   904 072897

15. S.W. ENGLAND,  Avon, Somerset, Devon & Cornwall, Neil Bridges (Forum name "NeilBridges")

Email: s.west@kawasakіtrі   801 136566




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